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ORMYST – Arcane Dreams

Daniel Lemminkainen 04/05/2017 No Comments on ORMYST – Arcane Dreams


Coming from France, Ormyst present their debut album “Arcane Dreams”, released by M & O Music.

This record is a mixture of symphonic metal with some progressive rock. Good for fans of early Nightwish, with some power metal moments reminding Stratovarius and early Sonata Arctica. Vocally the biggest characteristic and resemblence seems to be female lyric voice in the vein of Simone Simons from Epica, and the times when Tarja was still in Nightwish, interpreted by Sophia Lawford. Being a debut record, it features solid song structures and great sound production. Still, the listener will not find something different or what could be said to be fresh, if he knows the previously mentioned influences. But it is good, sometimes catchy and is something totally worth listening, if you’re a fan of this genres. Songs like “Following Three Ghosts”, “Above Airplanes”, “Taste of Your Tears”, “Lady Shalott”, and “Randomization” are the best examples of this band’s sonority, where we can really hear the guitars of Sébastien, and the keyboards of D. L. Brandon co-existing in a balanced way.

Mixed by Kristal Cross, this is an easy going album, very melodic, almost sounding here and there like Dream Theater, and gives to the listener a good picture of what this band can do.


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