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Outre – Ghost Chants

Filipe Gomes 05/10/2015 No Comments on Outre – Ghost Chants

Poland has always been known for its strong black/death scene. Recently, bands like Mgła, Kriegsmaschine or Blaze Of Perdition have been getting a lot of attention as consequence of releasing incredibly good records. Outre, a rather more recent group has done the same.

After releasing a well acclaimed debut EP and a split with fellow Polish act Thaw, Outre unveil their debut full-length album “Ghost Chants”. To begin with, this album is another mark in the quality release, period. It also represents a good debut presentation, not only musically, but also visually and lyrically. Analyzing rather deeply, an obvious progression and evolution can be heard and felt, as the songs became more complex, a bit less “straight to the point” and more interesting.
The whole album atmosphere makes it feel just like… an invocation. Whether it is the slow chanted beginning if “Departure”, or the tearing speed of “Shadow”, along with the varied vocal forms that take place, mid-paced martial drums and the beautiful hypnotic riffs filled with dissonant chords… all with a ceremonial touch, just like you can listen in “Equilibrium”.

While listening to this, it is very difficult not to remember names such as (lest dirty) Deathspell Omega, (rawer and faster) Ved Buens Ende and/or recent Mayhem, yet do not expect any kind of cloning, Outre have found their own identity and express it throughout the whole album. Of course that there are some resemblances, but nothing major. The album ends just like it started, slowly yet in a determined pace, increasing tension until the very end.

In conclusion, this is a great debut and puts the spotlight on this young Polish band, making us wonder about how the next album will be.

7.5 / 10



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