Sunday 05th February 2023,
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PERIPHERY – Periphery III: Select Difficulty


After a successful release of the double album ”Juggernaut”, the 6-piece band comes back with an album to be the sequel of ”Periphery” and ”Periphery II: This Time It’s Personal”.

Although the album has all the influences from the previous releases, it is obvious the band is more solid and more mature than ever. With more ballads than usual, the intensity of each song is gigantic where the vocal work delivered by Spencer Sotelo is fantastic. Full of catchy and groovy riffs made by the talented boys in Periphery, the album is the perfect mix between aggressiveness, groove and calm songs.

The album begins with the songs ”The Price Is Wrong” and ”Motormouth”, two typical ”djenty” songs. ”Marigold”, the third song of the album, starts with a bit oddly introduction that continues through the song, but the fact is the song its a hymn to progressive metal. The fourth song, ”The Way The News Goes…” starts calmly with a little guitar solo but a fast and powerful chorus keeps the balance throughout the music.  The album continues with ”Remain Indoors” and ”Habitual Line-Stepper” and then arrives another song that catches attention: ”Flatline”,the seventh song of the album, a powerful ballad that shows that Periphery can do anything with talented musicians that are in the band. ”Absolomb”, ”Catch Fire”, ”Prayer Position” and ”Lune” finish the album with the energy known to the band.

With ”Periphery III: Select Difficulty” this band shows why they are one most talented young projects out there. A release recommended for people who want something fresh, technical, groovy and energetic.





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