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PESTIFER – Execration Diatribes

Daniel Lemminkainen 10/05/2017 No Comments on PESTIFER – Execration Diatribes

Pestifer have finaly release their debut album “Execration Diatribes”. Despite being some years old, only now in 2017, the Portuguese band has joined efforts to put out their first long play, and we might say it was worth the waiting.

Playing brutal death metal, with influences of thrash and black metal, this first impression leaves a promising impression, as the listener can actually go back in time, to those early days where death metal sounded rawer.

But the band wanted to incorporated some technique here and there, but not too much, so the feeling that the listener get when he’s listening to something cruel like this don’t fade away, as we’ll hear in songs like “Mars Exult”, “Brutal Eruption of Chaos”, “Dark Dimensions”, “Enslavement of God”, and “Confront Death”.

Despite having nothing that original to show, the trio presents a very competent album, aggressive and full of good moments, for those death metal passionate for the early days, and for those who don’t want to hear keyboards in their death metal.

Released by RDL Records, if the band keeps creating albums like this one, there is no doubt that they will create a respected legacy in the metal scene, since the riffing is very good, and the songs are well structured. A must-listen for all the old school death metal fans out there.


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