Thursday 24th September 2020,
The Black Planet

Primordial – Where Greater Men Have Fallen


Primordial are one of those bands that no need any introduction because we know that something epic this way comes. “Where Greater Men Have Fallen” is not only what we could expect of them, but also an exercise of consciousness regarding the times we live in, based on examples of ages long gone. You can almost touch the vocal performance, the resonance of the guitars is so heavy it still echoes on your ears, and the drumming is very accurate. Songs like Where Greater Men Have Fallen, Come the Flood, and Ghosts of The Charnel House will instantly grab your attention, but it’s in The Seed of Tyrants that the climax of the album appears, from out of the dark, a raging scream “traitor!!!” hits the doors and crushing riffs come along with a breath taking drumming. This is maybe of the best songs ever of this band. Definitely an album to listen to, very often.

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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