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Uta Arnold 17/12/2019 Comments Off on RAPHAEL WEINROTH-BROWNE – “Worlds Within”
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Raphael Weinroth-Browne has left some remarkable footsteps in the past with his previous albums and projects (or contributions to albums and tours such as Leprous). Now, he unleashes his true potential with his new solo album called “Worlds Within”. Believe your faithful reviewer: you haven’t experienced yet what Mr Weinroth-Browne is really able to do before you listen to “Worlds Within”.

The album is largely written, but the single tracks are based on solo improvisations that Raphael recorded at home and turned into solidified arrangements. There are certain elements such as some of the solos that are completely improvised and not planned in advance, but in general, it’s a much more “thought-through” album than his work with for instance KAMANCELLO, where everything was fully improvised. And every noise you hear on the “Worlds Within”, even if it’s a drum-like knocking sound, is done with a cello, in one inventive way or another.

The first track “Unending” starts very slow and softly, and carries you into a melancholic mood, leaving you being deeply touched by the first five minutes into the record. It feels like eternity is touching you, showing you what it could sound like when it were transformed into music. The gentle but gloomy cello sound flows through your veins directly into your heart, making you realize for one more moment how precious every moment in life is. With all the miracles given, including music, if you just open your heart to it. There is a great temptation to just wanting to skip back and listen to this piece over and over again, but the curiosity of what’s coming is stronger.

The emotive twin-tracks “From Within I” and “From Within II” are to follow. As the artist himself stated, the composition and the respective video were inspired by nature, especially the forest, representing the cycles of nature and the irreversible passing of time. While the latter for the artist is an inexorable happening, most listeners might get inspired to enjoy every given moment even more.

The very fiery track “From Above” leads you into an even more captivating passage that consists of 4 parts called “Tumult”. As the title says, these tracks are somewhat more active and chasing. They pull you along on a journey through a lot of emotions from powerful to sensitive. Raphael Weinroth-Browne opens up new mind spheres for you as a listener that you will gladly explore, as everything in there is fully captivating and diverting.

“Fade (Afterglow)” cannot calm you down to the level where you can just exhale, as the music on this outstanding piece of art is still so thrilling. And one of the highlights are yet to follow: a second part of the celestially beautiful “Unending” theme.

All that’s left to say is: Do yourself a favour and order this sonic diamond at this link (Vinyl pre-orders will be launched in January):


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