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RAPTOR KING – Dinocalypse

raptor king

Two years after the debut EP “Dinocracy” released in 2015, the French Raptor King are releasing another studio effort. Given the good receptivity of the previous EP, it was expected that they would now launch a full-length debut, but the choice of this trio of progressive sludge metal fell to launch a second EP, probably as another step preparing for the first album.

“Dinocalypse” is the opening track and the one that gives name to this new EP. After an initial choir, this track explodes at a rather frenetic pace in which the diversity of vocals, sometimes growls, sometimes in a more “core” style, is to be emphasized. The riffs and the violent rhythms intersect with a very powerful groove, which implies that this track should work quite well to captivate the audience, when played at live shows.
The second track “The Witch” starts slow and varies between sludge and stoner rock, although such peacefulness is broken several times by very aggressive eerie guitar riffs.
The “Long Way to Rock” is the most melodic track of all. It can even be said that it varies from Heavy Metal to Hard Rock with some Grunge mixed in, and it is noteworthy that it is mostly sung with a clean vocal style.
The fourth track returns to extreme positions, sometimes presenting us with an aggressive dirty Thrash, sometimes toasting us with a completely uncompromised and rather catchy rock ‘n roll.
Closing in, the biggest surprise of the album shows up: “Lonesome Raptor” transports us to an American bar along a large interstate highway kind of mood. It’s easy to imagine a singer with a low, harsh voice to sing a very captivating blues rock. It is interesting to note that no song is equal to each other, almost making it feel like we are in the presence of five different bands.
Diversity is appreciated by those who like to break the monotony and have multiple tastes, but it can also become a disadvantage for the listener who is waiting to listen to a band with a certain well-defined style and less experimentalism.


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