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Daniel Lemminkainen 30/07/2016 No Comments on RECTAL SMEGMA – Gnork


 Coming from the Netherlands, the gore grinders Rectal Smegma have presented to us their new album, the fifth of their career, “Gnork”. This record is just short of 31 minutes completed with blasting grind,  some kind of sludge / punk production,  all the elements that we could find in a grindcore record such has drilling pig squeals and fast paced tracks (it’s 17 tracks in just 31 minutes), it’s what the listener can get from here.

For fans of the genre, this album won’t disappoint them, due the solid songs that flow really well like “Gnork”, “Zombie zuigtocht (Je probeert wat)”, “Shit Squirting Sandy”, “Sacred Semen Altar”, “Goregrind Graveyard”, “Ballad of Balls”, “Chocolate Milfshake”, “Slime Swine Swing”,“As I Lay with My Dying Fetus Bride”, and the party ending “Beer and Benefits”.

Composed by Yannic on vocals, Stijn on guitar, Baard on bass, and Walter on drums, these guys deliver an album that has both worlds in the grindcore scene: the party side and the gore side, and at some point of the record, we lose which one is which one, and it feels kind of nice that way. Released by Rotten Roll Rex, it’s one of the best records in the genre that we can get our hands on this year.




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