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RIBSPREADER – Suicide Gates (A Bridge To Death)


 Ribspreader is one of those death metal acts, which unfortunately are less known than most. Although we hope that with their sixth studio album“Suicide Gates (A Bridge To Death)”, Ribspreader will reach a wider spread of listeners all around theworld. So this is definitly the record that all those death metal maniacs out there, even the ones who don’t know them, really need to listen.

Having members from both Sweden and the USA, like Rogga Johansson who did guitars, bass, and vocals, Jeramie Kling on the drums, and Taylor Nordberg on lead guitars, this trio delivered one of the most interesting proposals in the genre, sounding typically like the old days, with a putrid production that reminds the listener of Entombed and Dismember.

With that aggressive and efficient punch, that make us feel like we’re listening to something great, tracks like “Descent of the Morbid”, “Centuries of Filth”, “Eligi”, “The Suffering Earth”, “A Worthless Breed”, and “World Dismemberment”, will delight the fans of this genre. The record is very consistent, but the listener can’t find nothing different compared to previous releases, or anything innovating, just good songs, well composed, that flow in a very organic way until the last track “Under Ash-Filled Skies”.

This album wins exactly by that, because it’s so tight to the sound of old school death metal, proving that the formula when well worked, still gets the listener there. Recorded in Spring Hill, Florida, and in Sweden, between September / December 2015, this album will definitelyget a lot of rotations for those who know them, or for those who’ll listen to them for the first time as well.




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