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ROTTEN SOUND – Abuse To Suffer

Daniel Lemminkainen 23/03/2016 No Comments on ROTTEN SOUND – Abuse To Suffer


 One of the most acclaimed bands in the genre, Finnish grind masters Rotten Sound are back with “Abuse To Suffer”. The new 28 minutes albumcould be quite short for today’s standards, but it still has that demolishing sound and putrid production, that we will find very interesting in these kinds of releases, and surely will make us hit the play again. 16 fast and aggressive tracks compose the album, with the lyric contents that the band already used us during the years (social matters, politic bullshit, and violence).

Some of the songs that hit the spotlight are “Lazy Asses”, “Intellect”, “Trashmonger”, “Crooked”, “Slave to the Rats”, “Brainwashed”, “Cannon Fodder”, “Yellow Pain”, and “Inhumane Treatment”. All blasting elements that the band is known for are in this album, adding more consistency due the time that the band had to compose the songs and choose the best for the record, as we’ll hear in the alignment that flows really well. The recording process took a long time for this one.

The recording started with the drums in January, a couple of months later all guitars were recorded, and finally the vocals. Then they had 2 more months for mixing, during 2015. The band decided to take their time and it worth it, because probably it’s their best album so far, and a good introduction to grindcore if the listener want to get into this genre. Definitely this is one of the first bands that the listener should hear.




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