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RUNNING WILD – Rapid Foray

Daniel Lemminkainen 23/10/2016 No Comments on RUNNING WILD – Rapid Foray


One of the most legendary heavy metal bands, the pirates Running Wild, don’t seem to get tired of pilling decibels, and are back with “Rapid Foray”. A band that needs no introduction like them, keep doing what they do best: old school heavy metal, balanced in between headbanging riffs and mid-tempo beats.

The listener will hear that nothing innovating will come from here, but songs like “Black Skies, Red Flag”, “Warmongers”, “Stick to Your Guns”, “Rapid Foray”, “By the Blood in Your Heart” (this one has a great chorus and a terrific melodic line), and “Black Bart” have a lot of that old school feeling, and theseare the moments of the record. It was composed in it’s entirely and produced by Rock ‘n’ Rolf, with the help of Peter Jordan on guitars. The guest musicians were on bass Ole Hempelmann, and Michael Wolpers on drums. Niki Nowy also helped during the recording.

It sounds very alike all the previous releases of Running Wild. In here it is obvious that they are keeping the composition style, which we can typically  find in most 80’s heavy metal records. However, it’s an album that could easliy put a smile on the faces of all metal fans from that era, and pirates fans in general. Although the inspiration is a bit far gone, and in some moments it seems that the listener had heard these riffs somewhere before, on other songs (or records) from the band.




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