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SABATON – The Last Stand

Daniel Lemminkainen 18/09/2016 No Comments on SABATON – The Last Stand


 In this new album “The Last Stand”, Sabaton presents to the listener a new lesson in war stories about famous armies last stands, like Spartans, Scots, and Samurai forexample.

The musical composition and songwriting strengths make it difficult to ignore the images of this armies holding their lines, fighting for their breath, and persevering (sometimes against all odds) so they may live another day. Until here nothing new for the listener, as we’ve hear the same in previous records, and this one follows the same production line of work.

We can find in this record the same marching songs full of bombastic choruses, marching riffs, reflective keyboards and realistic lyrics, like “Sparta”, “Last Dying Breath”, and the folkish “Blood of Bannockburn” which are instant hits for the listener. Although, the album starts to get deep in “The Lost Battalion”, “Rorke’s Drift”, and “Shiroyama”. The glory ends in “The Last Battle”.

The engineering, production and mixing was done by one of the most famous metal producers nowadays, Peter Tägtgren, but the mastering was in the hands of Jonas Kjellgren. JoakimBrodén and the boys gave us basically a follow up album that won’t disappoint the fans, but might not be the best presentation of the bands compared with previous releases.

For those who know Sabaton, they know they have some key moments during the record, that in here seem somehow forgotten.




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