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Filipe Gomes 23/05/2016 No Comments on SAINT ASTRAY – Abyss

Formed in 2011, Saint Astray, the German band from Nuremberg released their second album “Abyss” in April. And we’re delighted to realize that there are improvements.

First of all, the band’s logo. Now we can read at first sight the name of the band. Second: the overall production became so much better. Now we can listen very well all the melodies that keyboardist presents us… This band band plays gothic / dark metal but instead of having a female soprano voice and a male growling vocalist like most of the gothic metal bands, Saint Astray band have a male voice that is very versatile. Sometimes we think we are listening to Ville Laihiala (vocalist from Sentenced and Poisonblack), sometimes we think we are listening to James Hetfield (and yes, they do have growls, the bassist takes care of that). The music itself escapes a bit from the characteristics of traditional gothic / dark metal because they put some progressive touches in it (like “Crosswords” an opus which lasts for 12 minutes). The guitar work is very good, showcasing nice riffs, while the melodies that Silvia play on the keyboard are very well tucked. Without becoming the protagonist (keyboards are there only to create melodies and atmosphere) they have a predominant role in some songs.

If you like dark / eerie metal you have to check this band. This is a big improvement over the first album.




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