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SANTA CRUZ – Bad Blood Rising

Daniel Lemminkainen 20/11/2017 Comments Off on SANTA CRUZ – Bad Blood Rising

Santa Cruz is a Finnish hard rock band formed with the mutual aspiration of playing like there is no tomorrow, and “kicking people’s ass” on the process. Band has been praised by Rolling Stone magazine as “one of the top 10 bands you need to know” due to their “debaucherous, flamboyant flair”.  Inspired by bands like Mötley Crüe and Guns N’ Roses, the young group developed a strong buzz through their stunning live shows and two well-received albums. They took their throwback hard rock sound and combined it with elements of modern rock, punk and metal.

Continuing the same trend, they returned with “Bad Blood Rising”, the best of their albums so far. Throughout the entire album, the inherent band attitude is indisputable. Songs like “Young Blood Rising”, “River Phoenix”, “Fire Running Through Our Veins”, “Voice Of The New Generation”, and “Back From The Dead” are perfect examples of a talented band that knows how to write great fast paced songs. All these songs also include fantastic chorus, and well written lyrics. The album also presents you slow and melodic songs like “Breathe”, “Get Me Out Of California” and “River Phoenix (Part 2)”. These songs show the other side of the band, that doesn’t stick to “bubblegum rock n’roll” songs, but can actually develop great melodic lines.

“Bad Blood Rising” is formulated around great riffs and fantastic solos, which makes almost every song of the album a possible single. The listener will notice that there’s not a single bad song on this album, making it a must listen for all the hard rock fans out there. The album might also come as a great surprise for those who thought this kind of rock n’roll couldn’t be made or reinvented anymore. “Bad Blood Rising” is definitely, one of the best hard rock album of the year!


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