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SATYRICON – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Sandra Nunes 27/09/2017 Comments Off on SATYRICON – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

One of the maximum exponents from the Norwegian black metal scene, Satyricon, is back with the ninth chapter of its career, titled “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”. Just like a fine wine, this masterpiece contains eight superb tracks and needs to be absorbed track by track until its complete fusion in our minds and hearts, leading us to a walk in the forest. In here we can feel the real essence of the nature, so inspirational and motivational, so only one listening is not enough to capture the intensity of this opus, and two more songs could please even more because we feel that the spiritual journey provided by the music is short, though intense.

There’s a great change on the band’s sound and it’s for the best as always, making it unique and easily recognizable, and in this record, it’s possible to realize the reminiscences of the entire discography of the band even though this might be the beginning of a new era or simply its consolidation.

Themes like “To Your Brethren In The Dark”, “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”, “Dissonant” or “Black Wings And Withering Gloom” are recommended as good business cards for the ones listening for the first time to the band lead by Satyr and Frost, but the best option is to discover by yourself.

Sounding like crystal clear, the production is excellent and it follows somehow the line of the so acclaimed creation from 2006, “Now, Diabolical”, mixed by Mike Fraser, who also did a great job on this new record, and the guitars give an awesome atmosphere together with the majestic drum works. Also the inclusion of the elements like the saxophone at “Dissonant” and backing vocals by the classical singer Håkon Kornstad at “Deep Calleth Upon Deep”, for example, worked fine and making it so deep and special.

The artwork is an original drawing from Edvard Munch’s “The Kiss Of Death”, fitting very well into the band aesthetics and vision. Perfect art combined at both sides, music and painting.


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Review by Sandra Nunes
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