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Saxon – Battering Ram

Daniel Lemminkainen 18/10/2015 No Comments on Saxon – Battering Ram

 What more can we say about the good old metalheads that for our tremendous luck, never go away? And they’re back again like a “Battering Ram”, the new record of one of British standards for heavy metal, Saxon! The energetic heavy metal sound follows the production of the previous records, the more recent ones released in the last decade, making the solos sound really well and never leaving the rhythm section hidden as you’ll in songs like “Battering Ram”, “The Devil’s Footprint” (starting with a spooky speech, curious because we’re near Halloween), “Destroyer”, “Hard and Fast”, and “Stand Your Ground”. “Queen of Hearts” is kind of mystical song that could work like a love song or a curse song, who knows. “Eye Of The Storm” has a very crunching riff that leaves us 10 feet high like if it could turn us into beasts, to face what’s coming. “Kingdom of The Cross” is one of the melodic and nostalgic moments that blues helped heavy metal bands to create, talking about falling heroes that died for their kingdom in battlefields so very far away from their homes. A song full of melancholy that hit the spot so well in a strong record like this, although the party isn’t over until “Three Sheets In The Wind (The Drinking Song)”. The traditional heavy metal sound doesn’t need to change much, as long as it comes from the heart and soul, and Saxon have a lot of it.




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