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Daniel Lemminkainen 24/09/2016 No Comments on SCOLOPENDRA – Cycles


French act Scolopendra, have released their debut album “Cycles”, five years after their first work, the EP “Apostasy Beyond Sanity”.

What the listener will find in Scolopendra’s record, is an exercise of audacious thrash metal, with a ferocious death metal sound influenced by Coroner and Carcass, within some progressive arrangements here and there, and a bit of hardcore. At some point the listener might not know what he’s listening to with so many genres fused in the song writing, but despite the previous references, the sound has something from the current days, within the feeling of the old school days.

We’ll hear some fresh new ideas in terms of composition, in songs like “Purity”, “Awake Nightmare”, “Spartan Killer Instinct”, “Mental Torture”, and “Psychic Paralysis”. This is an album that shows a band that has no fear in taking risks, making their musical influences come out naturally as the record goes on, making us feeling that this is something that the listener should pay attention and give a good listen too.

The production is good, grind kind of sometimes, but in terms of mixing, something has been put aside, although it’s a great effort for a debut album.

It’s a very diverse album, no doubt of that, but with so many ideas, so many paths that these songs could follow, the listener might get the feeling that at the end it was better to keep things simple, instead of throwing riffs and mid-tempo arrangements just for the sake of being original.





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