Tuesday 07th February 2023,
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Scorpio Doctrine – “Via Liminalis”

Scorpio Doctrine – “Via Liminalis”

Scorpio Doctrine is a Finnish duo practicing an interesting and well done mix of Neo-folk and Martial Industrial music. They first work is an EP with 4 songs released by Saturn Records in December 2014.

The first song is more epic with the synthesized trumpets making an enhancement against the acoustic guitars. The voice on the Neo-folk style transports us to a hypnotic state, we feel like we’re traveling into another world. Vocal hypnotism goes on throughout the EP, while the remaining songs take a darker character than the first. The third song is slower than the second, and the keyboard playing takes the listener into the abyss, further deepening the feeling of blackness, void and loneliness. The end of this third song was eerie with so many souls mourning if it had been the end of this world where we were taken. The last song of this EP is also more epic sounding (not as much as the first) where synthesizers and choirs enhance the grandiose of the musical composition.

Being the first work of this Finnish duo, this presents a balanced mixture of Neo-folk, Martial Industrial and Neo-classical Darkwave where classical guitars mixed with synthesizers create a gloomy landscape of despair, but at the same time transmit a flame of hope and peacefulness. Recommended and we wait their first LP.




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