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SCORPION CHILD – Acid Roulette

Daniel Lemminkainen 15/08/2016 No Comments on SCORPION CHILD – Acid Roulette
SCORPION CHILD – Acid Roulette


 Fusing a retro hard rock sound with the 70’s boogie, Scorpion Child offer us a challenge called “Acid Roulette”, that will certainly delight the fans of the genre, and gather some more to their camp.

What we can find in this new album are songs very well composed,with catchy riffing, and lovely transitions, as we’ll hear in “She Sings, I Kill”, “Reaper’s Danse”, “My Woman in Black”, “Winter Side of Deranged”, and “Tower Grove”. The listener can also find some psych touchblinking an eye to blues rock in songs like “Acid Roulette”, “Twilight Coven”, and “Survives”, tracks that give some kind of breakdown with melodic hooks to the record.

Counting with Aryn Jonathan Black (vocals), Christopher Jay Cowart (guitar), Jon “Charn” Rice (drums), Alec “Caballero” Padron (bass), and Aaron John “AJ” Vincent (keyboards), this band have released one of the biggest surprises of the year, making the listener balance to their effective songs, somehow stoner, somehow desert rock, but always with the voice on the leading, the riffs and rhythm section shaping perfectly the structure of the songs, and the Hammond keyboards adding deepmelodies when the song asks for it. Thanks also to Chris ‘Frenchie’ Smith (The Answer, And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead…) who also produced and arranged the band’s self-titled first full-length, all of this come together in a great symbiosis of rock n’roll.

Recorded at The Bubble in Austin, Texas, the albumwas mixed by Dave Schiffman (Jane’s Addiction, Rage Against The Machine, etc.), and the result is something that the listener will have on the stereo for most of the summer.





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