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SCUORN – Parthenope

João Osório 26/06/2017 No Comments on SCUORN – Parthenope

Scuorn is the solo project of musician Giuliano Latte, which dates back from 2008. He released a demo during that year, and, since then, he has been developing and perfecting his ideas and concept for its debut album.

Scuorn is an epic/symphonic black metal project that delivers a combination of the more typical black metal riffs adorned with orchestrations, choirs and traditional folk music from the Napoli and Campania regions, from which Latte originates. Giuliano has invited Riccardo Struder (Stormlord’s keyboard player) to aid him with the symphonic and orchestral bits of the songs. The lyrics are inspired in old legends from the times when the city of Napoli had Roman and Greek ties. Their work in this record is absolutely amazing, as it makes us travel to the past and imagining ourselves roaming the streets of roman Napoli.

There is a mash up between black metal’s coldness and outlying atmosphere and folk. A good example is the “Tarantella Nera” track, in which the tarantella (a musical piece off of a popular Neapolitan danced in bars of two and that’s generally played apace) is mixed with black metal’s rapid and violent riffs – works out remarkably well. We are soothed at times with acoustic, melodic scenarios only to be spewed into the crushing atmosphere right after, as if Vesuvius erupted right beneath our feet (take the title-track “Parthenope”).

However, this is not just another folk or symphonic album. These elements are simply being used to create multiple atmospheres and layers of feelings for the listener to experience. The use of a mandolin and castanets in some of the tracks –“Averno” or “Sepeithos”, for instance – are also worthy of mentioning because they create an even stronger and unique bond between the music and its place of provenance.

Recorded at the 16th Cellar Studio in Rome and produced by Stefano Morabito (producer for Fleshgod Apocalypse and Hour of Penance), we are in the presence of a well achieved debut record that considerably raises the stakes. The band has signed with Dusktone label, which means it may offer a few surprises in the near future.

Ultimately, it’s important to highlight that Giuliano has gathered some live musicians and has been playing live since November 2016 in order to promote his work.

You can buy “Parthenope” here.


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