Monday 21st September 2020,
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Serrabulho – Star Whores


The newest release by portuguese party grinders Serrabulho is a record full of puns, fun and grind, starting with the title, “Star Whores”, which is a satirical reference to the cinematic epic saga “Star Wars”. But the references and concept behind this, that translates in the visual and costumes of the group, doesn’t end here. It also pays homage to two Disney characters like Pinocchio (with the first song of the record, “Pornocchio”) and Snow White (the end track “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Gang Bang Edition”). Another character reference is in the song “Buttman”, which interlude is a parody version of the movie dialogue in “Batman- Dark Knight Returns”.

In its whole, “Star Whores” is an intelligent piece of humor and party grind that goes against the mainstream and commercial flow of music now a day, something ironic, if you consider the success the band has been having in the European underground scene. Songs like “Congro”, “Peidinho Ron Ron” and the previously mentioned “Buttman” are the ones that standout the most, especially because of their comic touch perfectly balanced with most of the elements you typically find in grind. Emphases also, on the more acoustic track “Vaseline” that gives a special touch in this happy musical piece.

Like many of the records in the world of grind, this one is enriched by the participation of special guests, like Sérgio Páscoa (Shoryuken) with his bandolim (tradicional Portuguese instrument) on “B.O.O.B.S. (Best Objects of Baby Sucking)” – probably one of the best songs of the album, and showing off his vocal abilities on the track “Life Of a Penis”; the two six-year-olds, Rui Cabral and João Sampaio that make “Peidinho Ron Ron” funnier as it can be; and, Christiano K.O.D.A. (Os Capial) that growls on “Caguei na Betoneira”.

In the end, is a very solid release recommended for everyone who likes to party, and doesn’t take himself, or its extreme musical tastes, too seriously. Although, it is an album that will always be more special when played live in a great ambience, than at home on your stereo, especially if happy grind (or other similar styles) aren’t really your thing.


Words by: Rita Limede



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