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Kasper Pasinski 09/05/2018 Comments Off on SEVENTH GENOCIDE – Toward Akina
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‘Toward Akina” is the second album of Seventh Genocide, an atmospheric black metal band from Italy. This album was released under wings of Third-I-Rex label back in September 2017.

Album starts with buzzy feedback sound to quickly hit the fast tunes of opening song “Astral Bliss”. After the first explosive minutes from the first track, the pace slows down to provide atmospheric prog rock instrumental part. It is building the tension to get back to a black metal sound, like it was presented in the beginning of this song.

Next the band takes us to two tracks which are connected with the pessimistic titles – “Life is Poison” which is followed by “Love is Poison”. There is one similarity between songs – both starts calm and easy to provide stronger tunes after easy warm up. Seventh Genocide in here has captured their feelings regarding love and life in very nice parallel –  the “Life” part is where we can hear sounds strongly influenced by Pink Floyd is an exploration , whereas the ‘Love’ part is more aggressive and wild, as love should be.

Next up, comes a piece which takes us to the study of an immenseness of the universe and the ocean, that is in my opinion, the strongest part of the record. “Immense as the Universe” observes how small piece of the universe we are – “As a grain in the great cosmos” as it is described in the lyrics of the song. “Immense as the Ocean” is more calm part which is trying to underline immeasurable abyss of the ocean from the perspective of a drowning man. Both parts are nicely warn in sounds which are highlighting the mood of the songs.

Closing the record we have “Last Fall Before the Impact” – a fully instrumental part based on slow riff and calm pace, filled with layers of guitar sounds. It works as something of a closure for the whole album.

In short, ‘Toward Akina” is a concept album that takes us into the musical exploration of human existence and its  place as a small entity in the universe. The music on this record is consciously build around the topics presented in the lyrical part, giving it a sense of unity – which is expected from a concept album. The aesthetic of this work has a strong deviation into progressive music, that fully works with the subject covered on the record. In general we can consider it to be a very nice record. Recommended for all fans of post and progressive metal.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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