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SIG:AR:TYR – Northern

Daniel Lemminkainen 18/04/2016 No Comments on SIG:AR:TYR – Northern


 It’s no news that Bathory influenced a lot of extreme bands and it’s no news also that one of the bands that best represents that spirit it’s Sig:ar:tyr. Most unknown even for the pagan metal followers, the Canadian that used to be a one man band returns with “Northern”, 6 years after the last record “Godsaga”.

Following the same sound basis from previous records, what we have here it’s a combination in between metal and acoustic guitars, creating a dark ambient inspired in Norse mythology and Heathenism, which is what the lyrical content is all about. We could divide this album in two sides: the aggressive side shaped by the first 4 songs that progressively evolve into a melodic but still strong side with the following 4 songs “Skraeling”, “Krossanes”, “Vinland”, and “Northern”. “Vinland” and “Northern” are clearly the highlights of the record and probably one the best songs that Daemonskald ever wrote, saving the best for the end.

Since 2012 the band counts with Morgan Rider on bass, Nich Ireland on drums, and Mike Grund on guitars, proving that adding members was a good step, in attempt to bring something new and probably play live. Released by Hammerheart Records, we’ll hear in very good shaped album that flows really well from that start to end, saving for the last song “Last Ship Sails”, a great song with all the progressive and melodic elements coming together to give that final kick into this new journey proposed by a band who shouldn’t been away for so long. Hail their return!




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