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SINISTER – Syncretism

Daniel Lemminkainen 08/05/2017 No Comments on SINISTER – Syncretism

One of the best death metal bands from Europe are back, Sinister from the Netherlands with their new brutal release “Syncretism”.

Adding melodic and epic atmospheres to their brutal death metal based sound, they’ve released another album that will delight the listeners of death metal, and metal with groove in general. Apart of the epic keyboards done by Carsten Altena, that the listener will hear in the record, there’s nothing innovating in here.

However, the song construction seems to mature from album to album, and this one is no exception, as the listener will hear in “Neurophobic”, “Convulsions of Christ”, “Blood-Soaked Domain”, “Dominance by Acquisition”, “Syncretism”, and “Rite of the Blood Eagle” for example.

The guitar work of Bas Brussaard, Dennis Hartog, and Ricardo Falcon in some songs is very precise and effective, and gives the listener that incontrollable will to headbang, helped by the pumping rhythmic section within the sick growlings of Aad Kloosterwaard, that gives so much groove to the songs, that will definitely delight some of the listeners.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jörg Uken, this album worth listen to, has a lot of that old school death metal attitude, and for those who don’t know this band, this release is a good entry door.





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