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SINLUST – Sea Black

Daniel Lemminkainen 19/05/2017 No Comments on SINLUST – Sea Black

After 6 years since their debut, Sinlust, an epic black metal band from Brittany returns with their new album “Sea Black”. The thematic around this album is a diabolical plot brewing in a northern coastal seigneury, and consequent disappearing of Isulgaar Island. The album has a good production, thanks to Gwen Kerjan in Slab Sound studio.

The sound is very similar to Immortal, and the epic parts resemble Keep Of Kalessin sometimes. They do fit very well in the songs, as well as in the concept. The listener will hear a consistent and heavy construction of riffs,with epic parts that fill very well any possible empty spaces in the songs, helping to emphasize the concept of the record and how majestic it sounds. Songs like “Red Priestess”, “Sea Conquerors”, “Dawning Of The Volcano God”, “Cannibal Beast”, and “Streams Attractions”, are the best examples of that, with the guitars of Chris in lust sounding always like a roaring attack, along the furious voice of ​Firefrost.

The production is well balanced, nor too polished nor too raw, so it’s a plus.

Released by M & O Music, there is some melody here in there, but the album is pretty much a new start for this band, and it gives a good presentation about what these lads can do.


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