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Skálmöld – Með Vaettum

Daniel Lemminkainen 18/11/2014 No Comments on Skálmöld – Með Vaettum

Listen up folks, finally it’s out one of best albuns of the year Skálmöld “Með Vaettum”. The ideia that remained from the previous album was that these guys had everything to make a statement when it comes to metal about Nordic myths and legends with a heart and soul so powerful, that even the gods themselves could hear the album. The 3rd album it’s all that and even more, it’s a statement of quality, this band is saying “we’re here to stay!”, and in pagan metal scene they’re already one of the biggest forces, not to be taken lightly. It’s all in here: dirty riffs, heavy metal solos, folk myths, death growls, epic chorus, and a viking sense of adventure as you can listen in songs like Ad Vori, Med Fuglum, Ad Sumri, Med Drekum, e Med Jotnum. An awesome journey through old times is the proposal of this great band.

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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