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SODOM – Decision Day

Daniel Lemminkainen 25/09/2016 No Comments on SODOM – Decision Day


 After the first good impression left with the “Days of Retribution” EP, which was a cover-mount CD offered in Germany’s Legacy magazine, Sodom released their fifteenth album called “Decision Day”.

This new call to arms has everything a Sodom fan can hope for: the dirty bass guitar along with a great drumming production, and effective thrash riffs leaded by the commanding voice of Tom Angelripper, that fuse the new with the old.

Songs like “In Retribution”, “Rolling Thunder” with some interesting melodic elements, “Caligula”, and “Sacred Warpath” (this one has a great chorus), are clearly the highlights of a record that the listener will find very similar to others released by the band during the 90’s, but with a better sound. Recorded and mixed at Rambado Recordings in Essen, and mastered at Flying Pigs Studio in Schwerte, both places in Germany, one of the Big Teutonic Four, prove nothing to no one in terms of song writing, and when it comes to thrash metal, they still do it like only a few can, as we’ll hear in songs like “Decision Day”, “Vaginal Born Evil” (this one is blinking an eye to the early days of the band, clearly Venom influenced), and “Blood Lions”.

Although, some listeners might scratch their heads thinking why some songs of the EP didn´t got in the record, since they’re more punk and thrash, something that the band used us during all these years. The listener will still find the album consistent and heavy, but the momentum gets a breakdown here and there, and that’s something thrash metal fans don’t expect.




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