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Soldier – Gas Powered Jesus

Soldier – Gas Powered Jesus

Coming from Spain and born in 2005, Soldier released their first studio album after three successful demos that helped the band gain notoriety in Spain (“Killin D’emo”, “Justice” and “Meet Your Society”). Their first album entitled “Gas Powered Jesus” was released independently and shows a very professional attitude and sound, a Heavy / Thrash record with influences from bands like Megadeth or Pantera, as well as some southern Rock elements.

This album begins with a short instrumental intro where we can hear an excerpt from a speech by Charles Manson, to then start the melodic Thrash / Heavy Metal assault, full of groove and harmony offered by the excellent guitar work. “Between Two Masters” and “Revolt” do not let the listener rest and from there we’re taken in a descending path concerning speed, but without losing feeling, until you reach a song where you notice more the influences of Pantera: “The Road”, a ballad like it should be done, with all the typical elements: acoustic guitars, a quieter and more chilling vocal line … accompanied by a great guitar solo. Definitely one of the highlights of this record. “Stand My Ground” brings us back up while increasing both speed and groove, only to reach its peak in “Maniac”, the last song of this album.

“Gas Powered Jesus” is a well-conceived record, very catchy, and never becomes boring to listen to. An excellent first work of these Spanish!
Muy bien, muchachos!




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