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Soldier – The Great Western Oligarchy

Soldier – The Great Western Oligarchy

Ten years after forming, Asturian Spaniards Soldier released their second original album. “The Great Western Oligarchy” presents us a fine crop of thrash metal heavily influenced by American thrash from the late 80’s and beginning of the 90’s, with Megadeth being the main influence.

Alternating between fast songs with portentous and solid riffs and a rhythmic percussion role centered on double bass drum, with slower songs with a certain feeling of southern rock (we even have a ballad that more southern rock vein – the fifth song, “Pilgrims” – which forces the listener to rest after was just heard and preparing for what comes next). After the ballad, it continues followed by a song that could well be in alignment of the so-called “Rust in Peace” Megadeth, as it approaches a lot to the rhythms, riffs and vocals of this classic album. By the end of the album we witness a parade of very good riffs and a powerful drum section with some excellent solos in the middle – the case of “Theory of Nothing”, that the music begins with a melodic intro and then start with a brutal speed at the middle, the solo changes the rhythm of the song completely and splits it in two for a little while until the pace speeds up again. We are also offered a cover of Black Nº1 by Type O Negative in a more thrashy format.

Also worth mentioning is the artwork by Breogán Álvarez, an excellent cover work that underlines the satirical character and humorous of the lyrics.

8/10 (review by João Osório)



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