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Sólstafir – Ótta

Rita Limede 23/11/2014 No Comments on Sólstafir – Ótta

What is heavy music? What defines heavy music? Is it only a killer distortion riff? Is it only a supersonic drum? Hmm… not quite sure. Could sweet melodies that seemed to be played at a distance far away from here hit you like a rock? Can a guitar that breaks out from the silent dark with that particular longing note throw your soul into the deeps of melancholy? Yes and at my eyes, that’s also heavy, very heavy. It’s not only about the sound, it’s about what it makes you feel, what it makes you think, what it means to you. “Ótta” was that step that no one saw coming, because you can’t preview the next move when it comes to Sólstafir. And genius bands are like this, unpredictable, and songs like Lágnætti, Ótta, Dagmál, and Nón, will show exacly this point. Náttmál closes one more fantastic chapter in the history of the band. Definitly you don’t want pass by and album like this.

Words by: Daniel Lemminkainen



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