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Soulfly – Archangel

Daniel Lemminkainen 11/09/2015 No Comments on Soulfly – Archangel

This band is one of those machines that never goes away, and survives trough the struggle of times, when most of bands fell in a trance of lack of creativity, and just release album after album to keep the band going. Archangel is the new album of Max Cavalera and company, but you can’t find nothing new in here unfortunately. Doesn’t make it a bad album has you’ll hear in songs like “We Sold Our Souls To Metal” (one of the best songs ever created by the band), “Archangel”, “Sodomites”, and “Ishtar Rising”, but that feeling that you’ve listen to something like this in the previous albums is always present.

“Mother of Dragons” is also a great track, a perfect way to save the best for the end.




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