Saturday 28th January 2023,
The Black Planet

Steel Panther – Live from Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage


 Steel Panther is the 80’s “sex, drugs and rock n’roll” revivalism, the risk to go acoustic against all odds, an audience of one hundred women, low budget to end up in Lexxi’s garage, having free cookies and beer, or just it was a good idea to play there… it could be any of those reasons why the band decided to record an acoustic album, shaping some known songs into a different sound, adding one new song recorded just for this: “That’s When You Came In”.

Of course, the hits are all here: “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End of The World”, “Gloryhole”, “Fat Girl (Thar She Blows)”, and “Death To All But Metal”, but the most amazing thing of this, is that it was actually recorded live, and we all know what we can expect when an album is recorded live. We have the jokes, the bloopers, the interaction with the audience, but also the proof that goofing around don’t take away the credit of this band as musicians, as they took this opportunity to reinvent themselves now that they’re on the spotlight. We can hear that it was easy to adapt to this format songs like “If You Really Really Love Me”, “The Burden of Being Wonderful”, and “Community Property”, but none hits the spot as much as “Bukkake Tears”.

We also found out that Stix Zadinia (drummer), plays piano on “Weenie Ride”. The record comes with a bonus DVD, with hilarious content to say the least. By the end, we feel that this record was all a funny joke, but we must admit that only for having Lexxi’s mom on the album’s front cover, it was worth it. (Lexxi Foxx on the background: Daniel, you’re a dick!)




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