Sunday 29th January 2023,
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SUICIDAL ANGELS – Division of Blood


Suicidal Angels, Thrashers from Greece, return with their sixth album “Division of Blood”.

This album will delight the old school thrash metal bands, since we can hear that is very straight forward, with that raw but still incisive production that will instantly make us headbang. All guitars of Nick Melissourgos and Gus Drax, sound tremendously good, and the rhythmic section composed by Aggelos Lelikakis on bass and Orpheas Tzortzopoulos on drums, hits the songs right where they need, keeping them going on strong and fast. Recorded by the producer Jörg Uken at Soundlodge Studios in Rhauderfehn, Germany, tracks like “Capital of War”, “Division of Blood”, “Eternally to Suffer”, “Image of the Serpent”, “Set the Cities on Fire”, “Frontgate”, and “Cold Blood Murder”, shows us not only great songs, but also with a fighting spirit using references to times long gone, almost like if it was a subliminal message about the times we’re living in.

Too generic at some points and with that feeling that we’ve listened to this before, this is still a good thrash album that ends with “Of Thy Shall Bring the Light”, which will please most of the die-hard thrash metal listeners. It’s one of those records that we feel that will sound fantastic live.


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