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SUMMONING – With Doom We Come

Daniel Lemminkainen 04/02/2018 Comments Off on SUMMONING – With Doom We Come

The Austrian duo Summoning have return after five years, to take us all back (once again) to the world of Tolkien, with their new album “With Doom We Come”. After a great album like “Old Mornings Dawn”, the listener can expect a continuation, with similar orchestrations, the same line of work around minimalist riffs, enough though to support the ambient that flows around the album, and make the songs take shape.

In here, the listener can expect something darker and colder this time, with the epic melodies balancing with melancholic lines that somehow remind us those MIDI effects, without any lack of feeling, despite the drum programming. Tracks like “Tar-Calion”, “Silvertine”, “Carcharoth”, “Mirklands”, or the epic finale “With Doom I Come”, shows a composition made around low tuned gloomy riffs. This is something very characteristically of this band, with nothing that technical or fancy, just production as raw as the listener can get. Made entirely of long songs that are well linked, as if a track list that was organized to be some kind of original sound track, to your very own Tolkien inspiration movie.

Summoning has deliver us a great comeback work. Recommended for those who absolutely love atmospheric black metal, who dig long albums full of mystic melodies. It will make us feel this sense of bravery of defying the inner beasts that dwell in the deeps of or conscience, and in other realms. It’s the perfect album to listen during this cold eerie winter, and it has the potential to take the listener to somewhere far away from this reality, whatever it might be, even if it’s for just one hour.


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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