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Svartgren – Prazan grob

Svartgren – Prazan grob


 What do you know about Serbian Black Metal? The Stone? Darkness Rising Festival?  If that’s just it, let us introduce you SVARTGREN. First  of all its frontman was the main organiser of the mentioned festival.  Second because you will find in their first full length “Prazan grob” a fast  piece, congregating in one effort a decadent voice, fast tunes and some  nihilistic guitar riffs. More than faithful to their eastern heritage, Cyrillic  lyrics paint the whole record with decadent conviction.

 After a direct first part of the album, it’s with the fourth track “Svetlosti  Tiha” that the elevation of dark spirits fully begins, adding some continuous dragging riffs to the infamous environment already created. The mysticism is continued by the almost joyful “Reka”, before another comeback to lower grounds with “Smrti” and “Hram”. Even if, simultaneously, those are also the songs where some additional drums effort is missed, the end of that sequence allows us to retake breath for the final chapter of the album. Effectively, “Hram” is written with the intensity of The most glorious effort of this “Prazan Grob”. The final “Ka Rubu Zaborava” retakes the outlaw sounds of the album’s entry, touching some “punkish” sonorities but not without another epic guitar riff commanding our soul till the end of the audition.

It’s not just Raw BM anymore. With “Prazan grob” Svartgren entered a new stage of evolution, remembering us how influent and mystic still are the decadent environments of Silva Nigra or the killing riffs by MGLA.




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