Tuesday 07th February 2023,
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Tales For The Unspoken – CO2


CO2 is the second album of the Portuguese band Tales for the Unspoken, practitioners of a mixture of Death metal with some of Thrash and groove. This album is an evolution of the previous full-length, with a more aggressive and direct sound. While in the first album we find some tribal, reggae and melodic elements, as if the band was doing some experiments searching for their identity, in this album these elements disappeared and the protagonists, assured of the new intended musical path to take, constantly punch us in the face without losing fluidity from song to song.

In the first song, the harsh and aggressive voice of the lead singer creates a certain counterpoint to the clean voice guitarist. This vocal antithesis will only happen again in the last song when a female voice, sang by guest Joana Vieira.
After the first and until the last track, the whole album is a devastating assault to our ears, a sonic intensity complemented by a ruthless rhythmic section. While sometimes this genre might tend to approach tangentially Metalcore becoming a bit flat, boring and somewhat monotonous after a few songs, this second album of Tales for the Unspoken keeps enough musical diversity flowing throughout the album and a certain dynamic thanks to breakdowns and more thrashy riffs presented in these 10 tracks, not letting the listener become bored while listening to the album.

7.5 / 10



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