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TANKARD – One Foot in The Grave

Daniel Lemminkainen 03/08/2017 No Comments on TANKARD – One Foot in The Grave
one foot in the grave

Tankard has been regularly recording albums with great quality, returning with another consistent exercise of thrash metal called “One Foot In The Grave”.

This album differs from the previous releases regarding the songs content. The lyrics are a bit more distant from the party mood and the rivers of beer, which they used to invite the listener to dive in. This album songs contain some kind of social critic, touching subjects we hear every day in the news or on the internet. It can be quite strange for the listeners used to Tankard previously delivered style, but that’s what makes this album fresh and enjoyable: the difference.

There’s still great riffs in this album with the moshing and headbanging feeling all around. Worth to notice that not one single bad recorded song can be pointed out in this album. After listening to songs like “Pay to Pray”, “Arena of the True Lies”, “Don’t Bullshit Us!”, “One Foot in the Grave”, “Syrian Nightmare”, and “Lock ‘Em Up”, the listener will find itself reflecting on the subjects touched in this songs.

The production follows the same line of work as previous records, but what’s best about this, is that people were not expecting that a band like Tankard could record such “a serious album”, with this kind of quality. We should all raise our tankards for them!


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Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
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