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TESTAMENT – Brotherhood Of The Snake

Testament - Brotherhood of the Snake

Brotherhood Of The Snake is the most recent Testament album and reflects on the current reality while linking it to the Sumerian myths. It is not a conceptual album, but the current events are correlated with Anunnaki’s experiences in our creation to serve them as their slaves.

The secret society called The Brotherhood Of The Snake “waits for the right time to strike”. This is the main message of this fascinating album. The serpent sees and controls everything without leaving any vestiges.

The title track opens monstrous with riffs. Written by Peterson, it starts the introduction to the album’s theme in a formidable and polished way. Other songs such as “The Pale King”, “Stronghold” or “Seven Seals” feature rich, detailed and fascinating lyrics, which reflect how different realities could be interconnected.

Carrying the essence of classic thrash metal, Testament reveals perfected skills in an overwhelming studio production. Eric Peterson and Alex Skolnick bring their signature furious speedy riffs to the table. Chuck Billy still has that raging voice we all know him for. The rhythmic section is once again powered by the one and only Gene Hoglan, while Steve DiGiorgio joined on bass, only raising the quality bar even higher. The qualities of this fantastic lineup are noticeable through the entire album.

The listener will still find even heavier tracks like “Centuries of Suffering”, with destructive blast-beats and a strong death metal influence. Another highlight is Peterson’s solo in the track “Stronghold”.

Released by Nuclear Blast records, mixed and mastered at Backstage Studios, this is an album that should not be ignored, will undoubtedly be greatly appreciated by thrash metal fans and metal fans in general and marks another solid pillar in the Testament’s career.


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