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Kasper Pasinski 02/07/2021 Comments Off on THE LION’S DAUGHTER – Skin Show

Coming from St.Louis, USA, The Lion’s Daughter is one of the bands who significantly evolved their style. Originally belonging to the sludge metal scene, the band has been changing its style towards a more progressive approach. This is very noticeable in their new record called ‘Skin Show’, released last April by Season of Mist.

As aforementioned, the band has been evolving, so it was no surprise when the album opening notes reminded more a John Carpenters soundtrack to ‘Halloween’ than a standard sludge songs. The album opens with a synthesizer sound in a song called ‘Become a Night’, which is built on a horror-like electronic riff supplemented with a catchy upbeat percussion. This piece is nice and easy to listen to, providing a pleasant introduction to the album.

The horror movie atmosphere is continued in the next track ‘Curtains’. Once again, it is built on a good melodic riff in combination with a mean guitar sound and harsh growling vocals – Which result in a heavy and explosive mixture. This song is on one side very pop-like (in a positive meaning of the word) and on the other side quite heavy. The song production and composition keeps the high level presented in the opening track -Which is not a frequently found quality.

The song ‘All Hell is Mine’ deserves a special mention as it really caught my attention. The slow guitar sound is combined with a beat similar to the Nine Inch Nails ‘Wish’ song, what creates an interesting combination. From one side we got this quick beat which makes your head bang, and from the other a very melodic and melancholic guitar riff which totally contradicts the beat. This interesting mixture is replaced by a horror-like ambient riff, which after a short slow-paced interlude explodes with heavy guitar and vocals to close the track.

I need to admit that the whole record made a positive impression. Furthermore, after going through ‘Skin Show’ a few times I am still not bored with it.
The Lion’s Daughter guys created a high-quality record while successfully combining an electronic sonority (which every 80’s horror fan will love) with heavy guitars and harsh vocals. The most important factor about this record is that it is equally good in its entirety – all tracks are equally outstanding what makes the record easy to listen without elements that could lead to boredom.




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Review by Kasper Pasinski
Managing editor: Elsa Marques



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