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The Long Escape – The Warning Signal

the long escapeContinental European prog is alive and well and finding new ways and sounds to strive in all so crowded metal scene. While we’re coming to notice some relative minor bands are trying to come out of the overwhelming influence of legends like Dream Theater and Opeth(such as Periphery), The Long Escape is a recognizable good effort for such a recent band.

The starting album manages to live up and exceed its expectations. One might say that a coherent writing is still to be perfected, and some tracks seem like several parts of a song. Althogh there is a passion and a drive to create music that it is clearly visible. Kimo, the promising young band leader, knows what exactly what sound he is looking for.

That’s how we manage to get well-crafted tracks like The Search, which is enjoyable ride from start to finish.
The technique, a key element in progressive music, is very good. The band coordinates perfectly, and with a very accurate sense of guitar riffing. Kimo and Marius form a powerful duo unleashing sludge driven chords that grasp the listeners from the beginning.  Digital Misery, Seas of Wasted Man and the Search, are but examples of the good straight legacy of European Sludge.
You can see potential, and the band that can easily batter with other colossus such as Riverside in new prog-metal scene.

Nico bass, with and intense heavy groove is a constant presence only to be enjoyed with a powerful bass equalizer. The search is an example of that, a very concise démarrage that opens way for a great guitar intro.

But not only of heavy tracks is the long Escape made of. The Carnival of Deadly Sins shows Kimo’s vocal potential, along with the band’s capacity for progressive arrangements. This track truly evolves into medley of emotions, from redemption to rage, coming down to the fierce Crashdown.
The album’s middle section truly the high quality production that the band have committed to, with a clean sound, despite the heavy distortion.

The band opted for short songs, which clearly demonstrates focus, and conciseness in the musical writing, however, the album seems to accelerate the pace until the high point of World Going Down, the album’ first single.

Yet it lacks a bit of sense of continuity after some point, in spite of the great songs that make him whole. Some vocal arrangements, can even go further, and be perfect.

These Parisians are the great wild cards of this year.

Album to listen to. Definitely.

Score 7/10

Words by Vasco Baptista






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