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THE WALK – Wrong Enemy

Vasco Baptista 10/07/2016 No Comments on THE WALK – Wrong Enemy

The walk

Nowadays it’s hard to find new refreshing projects that come up with new ideas, and songs as inspiring. As The Walk would put it, «Merci de pari en nous». And indeed they deserve it. With a hard rock aggressiveness, experimental, and a strong melodic voice.
Still, they prefer the tongue of Shakespeare, in detriment of Molière, but the message comes as swift, like it’s levitating. In fact, Rock finds every new ways of spreading its message, being an embedding of all kinds of styles into its own identity. The tharu is an instrument that mixes the western guitars into the cello. Although resembling a lot with some of the tribal instruments, such as the Brazilian berimbau, it has a lot of French culture attached to it.

The tahru helped Nicholas Beck bring a diametral sound to The Walk songwriting, whereas Hervé Adrione recreates that neo-grunge style back to the soundscape.

In fact, the songs are as introspective as it can get, and both the Tahru and voice help elevate that tone. One as psychotic, and with a very Radiohead feel, that transports you back to “OK Computer” and “The Bends” – the electric Radiohead. And where the Oxford boys frequently resorted to keyboard and electronics, the french really dominate the electricized acoustic sound with precision.

Walking along side the melodic elements are the competent and solid bass player of Portuguese descendant Claudio dos Santos, that makes the constant pace as well as the profound imagery to bring all the psychedelia to resurface.

An enormous breakthrough in the alternative rockscene




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