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THE WAY OF PURITY – The Majesty of Your Becoming

Ricardo Pereira 06/11/2018 Comments Off on THE WAY OF PURITY – The Majesty of Your Becoming

The Way Of Purity are an industrial metal outfit with absolutely no fear of making reporters lives harder by purposely providing little to no information about their country of origin and members, with the exception of their artistic personas. These arguably noble anti-aesthetic ideals, deeply rooted in the band’s modus operandi, are accompanied by their representative ideology, veganism and animal rights. This odd combination might not please all, since they are deeply inspired in the Animal Liberation Front principles. This is a controversial animal rights group, that is considered by some as brave activists and by others as terrorists. Fortunately, metal is no stranger to controversy – even benefits from it – and the quality of the music is not affected by the band’s ideals. So let’s focus on what we deem to be of greater importance: the music!

“The Majesty Of Your Becoming” (2014) is the band’s third full-length venture, after “Crosscore” (2010) and “Equate” (2012). This release focus on the band’s industrial rock/metal influences, thus I firmly advise the listeners to be ready for a high amount of palm muting and synthesizers. The lead singer Kirayel’s mezzo-soprano voice dominates throughout the entire album, easily one of the highlights of this work. This is mainly due to her highly pleasing – albeit somewhat generic – timbre and curious choice of vocal lines, complemented by a good vocals production. Her lyrics, despite basic and straightforward, do the job of relaying the band’s message.

As it is customary with industrial rock/metal, orchestrations, beats and synths have an important role in the mix. In this particular case they are very well composed and essential elements of almost every song. Although, these elements are often found too loud in the mix, muffling other instruments and even the vocals.

The strings department of “The Majesty Of Your Becoming” mostly does its job without much flashiness, taking the backseat to favor the rest of the musical elements. However, their tone is completely harmless, devoid of the crushing weight and depth that you might hear in great representatives of the genre, such as Rammstein.

The weakest part of this album may be the production, which seems to fall on the sloppy and overly compressed side.  The production also suffers from a considerable lack of bass, which takes its toll on the songs. This deprives good compositions of their depth, dynamics and power.

Overall, “The Way Of Purity” ’s third studio output provides an enjoyable experience that only disappoints for the rough handling of the songs in the studio. However, it retains the potential to please the genre fans and when compared to the band’s previous works it shows a considerable leap in terms of quality and originality. And in the end that’s what it’s all about – a continuous evolution!


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