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Daniel Lemminkainen 21/03/2017 No Comments on TROLLFEST – Helluva

Trollfest, the most insane metal trolls are back from the cave after the tremendous success that was “Kaptain Kaos”, with another record that has everything as chaotic and as funny at the same time, called “Helluva”.

The listener can hear that musically it continues the same insane path that they’ve always trilled, without changing that much the way of things in terms of song construction, which continues inspired and incredibly unpredictable. The keyboards and accordion of Kai “Fjernkontrollet” Renton, within the saxophone of Dag “DrekkaDag” Renton, bring the melodies that keep the songs going, mostly into madness.

We could hear that the screams of Jostein “Trollmannen” Austvik are really effective and appear in the perfect timing. Some examples of the loud craziness that flow through this album can be heard in songs like Professor Otto, Spelunking Sisters, Gigantic Cave, Steel Sarah, the troll chorus song Trollachen, Hen of Hades, Don Gnomo Vega, and Sputnik.

Other songs might just please fans of festive folk, and listeners that know the band, that will find this hilarious record a must have to party on, get in the mood to have fun, and of course to drink a lot. Others might just dig this album if they have nothing to listen to, just for the sake of the fun, which is the proposal here as so many times before, and Trollfest are masters delivering a great party.

The listener might find this record minimalistic in terms of riffs, but to change that in this band is to spoil the fun, and even if at some moments the inspiration was not with the band, it’s still an album worth listenig.


Review by Daniel Lemminkainen
Managing Editor : Elsa Marques



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