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TWO TRAINS LEFT – Sorry & Pathetic

Kasper Pasinski 14/03/2019 Comments Off on TWO TRAINS LEFT – Sorry & Pathetic

The French pop punk band – “Two Trains Left” debuts with a record called ‘Sorry & Pathetic’. This EP consisting of 6 catchy pop rock songs maintained in punk aesthetics was released in cooperation with Dooweet Agency.

The first single released to promote this record was ‘Broke Me Again’. This is a catchy song that perfectly reflects the punk music vibe from the beginning of the century. The song is very nicely composed, keeping upbeat drums and simple guitar riff together with catchy slow chorus. This track is definitely a good introduction for this record.

Another interesting track on this record is ‘Same Old Words’. Here the highlight goes to the female vocals provided by the band’s guitarist and second vocalist Lya Mendels. This is a very well executed exercise which makes the song really stand out. The song combines the slow but catchy pop beat with very nice vocals and small sharp elements from the distorted guitar.

All together, on their debut EP “Two Trains Left” provided a travel back to the early 2000’s refreshing sounds. Since this album resembles the at the time popular pop-punk music, this record is a good option for fans of bands like Blink 182 or Sum 41 (one wonders if there is something about having a number in the band name for these punk guys). In conclusion, this record is very easy to listen, and it seems perfectly tailored for summer festivals or rock radio stations.


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Review by Kasper Pasinski
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