Tuesday 22nd September 2020,
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Unleashed – Dawn of The Nine

Unleashed – Dawn of The Nine

 What more we can say about a band that is responsible for putting the Swedish death metal sound in the ears of fans out there? Pretty much that after 25 years they’re still doing it, at their own way, bringing with them the dirtiest heaviest riffs, viking legends of war as you will hear in songs like “Defenders of Midgard”, “The Bolt Thrower”, “Let the Hammer Fly”, and “Welcome the Son of Thor”! But there’s also room for straight death metal songs like “A New Day Will Rise”, “They Came to Die”, and “Where Is Your God Now?”. After the last 2 albums, it would be hard for them to keep up the intensity of the songs, but in resume, this is still a good album. You don’t need to search for the next fantastic element to put in your music, as long you do it right, truly from the heart, and that’s what Unleashed have done so far.


Words by: Daniel Lemminkäinen



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