Saturday 19th September 2020,
The Black Planet

Vader – Future of the Past II – Hell in the East


 Probably fueled by the last old school Vader songs tour with Venom Inc and Witches, the Polish group decided to open the vault, and bring up to the light some of most unknown songs that inspired the band, which makes this covers album quite interesting to dig in. The typical Vader sound is intact as we’ll hear in songs like “Ostatni Daikon” (Exorcist cover), “NocDemona” (Ghost cover), “Necronomicon” (Imperator cover), “Totálnídestrukce” (Krabathor cover), “Sen schizofrenika” (Markiz de Sade cover), “The Beginning of Darkness” (Merciless Death cover), “Czasapokalipsy” (Slaughter cover), and “Czarnyanioł” (Thrasher Death cover) to name a few. As we can see there’s covers in English and Polish, and as any cover album, the main goal is to invite the listener into the womb of the band, and make him feel there exactly where all begun. Recorded in the Hertz Studio, it seems like a jamming season typically death / thrash old school, that will definitely make all Vader fans feel at home, and even if the listener is not into the band, it is a very good chance to listen not only to a great group, but also, to some old school songs properly recorded.




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