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Luís Pinto 13/07/2017 No Comments on VAI-TE FODER – Poço

Go fuck yourself, would be a insult, but in this case we are talking about Vai-te Foder, the Portuguese motor charged crust/grind band, who has just released their second album entitled “Poço” through the labels Helldprod and Murder Records.

Seven years have pass since the band’s last album, but not much has changed. Same line up, same attitude, same presence, only faster and more aggressive, which is a good thing in this case, as the production of the sound allows us to enjoy the each part instrument a lot better.

As mentioned above, this a very fast album. Jota on drums, does an excellent job with d-beats, thrashy passages and an increased addition of blast beats that are executed in the most ruthless way, with a precise snare sound and awesome ride cymbal beats. Morcego on the bass and Cirro on the guitar play the riffs that will sound very familiar to you.

Motorhead-ish crossover riffs that never go out of fashion with the occasional grindcore influence. Once again, Paulo and Patife are partners in crime when it comes to the vocals – while Paulo screams forth power words, Patife grunts the most debasing parts of the lyrics, which deal with everything that is wrong (or right, depending on how much you enjoy them): drugs, alcohol, misery and social issues. In any case, all were written and are spoken in the most down to earth, crude and rude way.

This album is packed with 22 songs, for a total 38 minutes of play time. Even though the sound is enjoyable, for the fans of the genre, these 38 minutes will be very welcome, but for the rest of extreme music fans, they might be just a little too much, as the record eventualy tends to get a bit repetitive over time, which might cause the listener to lose a bit of the interest on the sound after the first half of the album.

There’s a song for everyone and for every taste of extreme music on this album. As depicted on the amazing artwork of the album, you can let yourself fall on into the well (Poço) and thrive on the rot and filth that the band gives you.

7 / 10



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