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VARG – Götterdämmerung

Melissa Poseyydon 20/07/2017 No Comments on VARG – Götterdämmerung

Varg is a Germanic band, who plays melodic death metal with a pagan theme. Their name is inspired by Norse mythology and means “Wolf”.  Formed back in 2005 by the guitarist Freki and drummer Fenrier, the band has released 5 studio albums, so far. After 2016’s “Das Ende alter Lügen” by Napalm Records, it only took one year for Varg to release the “Götterdämmerung” EP, comprising four overwhelming tracks.

The EP tells us the history of a mighty warrior. His wrath is already evident in the anger of the destructive chorus and in the overwhelming composition of the opening track “Götterdämmerung”. This track becomes particularly interesting towards the end when a male choir is introduced and combined with the main melody of the song.

“Hel” will make you dive into its dark valleys, enraged to unfold a fascinating journey. It’s a quite fast and aggressive song that will captivate the listener to join the fleet and defeat the underworld helheim queen. “Beißreflex” is a more experimental track where industrial elements are wrapped with melodic elements. It’s an interesting turn of events.

This quick journey concludes with “Knochenpfad”, that begins with a spoken passage and continues into an epic sounding melody that opens the way to the heavy and dramatic instrumental. The aggressive guitars and angry vocals towards the end give way to slow, terrifying passages, that generate darkness and a dramatic atmosphere to this whole EP.

In overall, this short release (only 16 minutes long) characterized by its overall aggression. In this release, Varg explores to the extreme the articulation of percussion, heavy riffs and harsh vocals with intense and intricate melodies.


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Review by Melissa Poseyydon
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