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VOR – Depravador

Kasper Pasinski 04/12/2018 No Comments on VOR – Depravador
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VOR is a Spanish sludge duo which released their second full length album, “Depravador” this year via Third I Rex label.

This album consists of 7 main tracks plus 2 bonuses. It all starts with the album ‘s title track – ‘Depravador’. A 9 minutes song of uncompromised rusty noise. The track builds up on top of a solid base composed by a simple strong riff with small harsh vocals additions. Here all is loud and slow as it should be – a strong opening for the record.

Next in line is ‘Black Goat’ with a catchy riff as the core of the track. The pace is a bit faster with small bumps on the road where the tempo changes. In this song, they mix sludge elements with black metal sounds to create an amazing final result.

‘Daga’ is the sixth song on the track list, and it is a nice comeback after a bit slower middle part of the record. The main theme of ‘Daga’ is repeated like a mantra in the first section of the song. The pace and theme change in the middle of this 10 minutes long piece – from a fast fuzz introduction into a more psychedelic sound. ‘Daga’ is definitely the highlight of this album.

After the main section of the album they included 2 bonus tracks. The first one is a more ambient and distorted version of the ‘Depravador’ track. And the second one, entitled ‘Vor and Noisegg’, is a 3 minutes ambient track with a slow paced drumming as a background.

To sum up, VOR provides in ‘Depravador’ a minimalistic, heavy, and dirty sonority. The band successfully avoids introducing too many unnecessary sounds. Which makes everything in the album to be straightforward, fuzz based and powerful. VOR managed to provide few faster elements mixed with slower sections which results, in overall, in a very nice effect.


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