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WARDRUNA – Runaljod Ragnarok

Daniel Lemminkainen 28/11/2016 No Comments on WARDRUNA – Runaljod Ragnarok


One of the most exotic sensations in the world of folk music, done with passion, heart and soul, returns with their third album “Runaljod Ragnarok”. Wardruna won their fan base most from metal listeners and fans of the TV Series “Vikings”, but has also some curious people from other backgrounds that dig their music and found comfort in their Norse chants.

This album shows a mature project, full of amazing moments, with a lot of Nordic spirits around it, with a curious and brilliant song writing process, which will fascinate the listener, as we’ll hear in songs like “Tyr”, “UruR”, “Isa”, “MannaR – Liv”, “Raido”, and “Odal”.

Counting with Kvitrafn as the mastermind behind the project, this fantastic musician recorded the vocals, horns, harps, flutes, drums, percussion, and did the programming. He also had the help of the Lindy Fay Hella on vocals, who did a brilliant work giving to the songs an intriguing touch. It’s the third album of the “Runaljod” trilogy, following “Gap varGinnunga” (the yawning void that existed before creation began), and “Yggdrasil”, (the tree of knowledge that spans the world).

Runaljod, rune-song or spell, presents now “Ragnarok”, which means the cataclysmic end-of-the-world event of Norse mythology. Flowing really well like an organic time travel that ends with “Wunjo”, and “Runaljod”, this project that is shaped by a reconstruction of ancient instruments, modern instruments, natural sounds, and stunning vocals, can be one of the most fantastic surprises of year.

There’s no metal in Wardruna’s new album, but not all great music needs it. Sometimes the listener just needs to close his eyes, open his mind, lay back, and enjoy the trip through the dark vast landscapes of Scandinavian nature, listening to one of the incredible music exercises ever done about the end of the world.





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